A Samba Manager (smbm) használata

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Samba Manager (standalone fileserver) toolkit version 0.3
Usage: /usr/local/bin/smbm option parameters

User management:
smbm -au|--adduser "Samba/Windows username" [ password [ Linux_username ]]
    Adding a new Samba/Windows user with corresponding no-login/no-shell
    Linux user and with given or generated Samba/Windows password.
    Generating a new RSA-2 keypair for (Linux) user prepared tunneling
    Samba traffic. Private key is downloadable from user's home as .ppk file.
    Private key's passphrase is equal to Samba/Windows password.

smbm -mu|--moduser "Samba/Windows username" [password [ "S/W new username" ]]
    Samba/Windows user password change and/or renaming.
    No effect on corresponding Linux user.

smbm -lu|--listuser [ option regexp_pattern]
    Lookup for matching Linux or (case insenistive) Samba/Windows usernames.
smbm -lu -lu|--linuxuser "Linux_username_regexp_pattern"
smbm -lu -wu|--sambauser|--windowsuser "Samba/Windows_username_regexp_pattern"

smbm -lms|-lum|-lug|--listmemberships "Samba/Windows username"
    Lookup for group memberships of a (case insensitive) Samba/Windows user.

Group management:
smbm -ag|--addgroup "Samba/Windows groupname"
    Adding a new Samba/Windows group with corresponding Linux group.

smbm -mg|--modgroup "Samba/Windows groupname" [ "S/W new groupname" ]
    Samba/Windows group renaming. No effect on corresponding Linux group.

smbm -lg|--listgroup [ option regexp_pattern ]
    Lookup for matching Linux or (case insenistive) Samba/Windows group names.
smbm -lg -lg|--linuxgroup "Linux_groupname_regexp"
smbm -lg -wg|--sambagroup|--windowsgroup "Samba/Windows_groupname_regexp"

smbm -am|-aug|--addmember|--addusertogroup \ 
     "Samba/Windows username" "Samba/Windows groupname"
    Adding an existing Samba/Windows user to an existing Samba/Windows group.

smbm -lm|-lgm|--listmembers "Samba/Windows groupname"
    Lookup for members of a (case insensitive) Samba/Windows group.

smbm -dm|-dug|--delmember|--deluserfromgroup \ 
     "Samba/Windows username" "Samba/Windows groupname"
    Deleting a Samba/Windows user from a Samba/Windows group.

Service functions:
smbm --getent option entity_name
    Getting an entity record by (exact!) name or SID-RID.
smbm --getent -lu|--linuxuser Linux_username
smbm --getent -lg|--linuxgroup Linux_groupname
smbm --getent -wu|--sambauser|--windowsuser "Samba/Windows username"
smbm --getent -wg|--sambagroup|--windowsgroup "Samba/Windows groupname"
smbm --getent -id Samba/Windows_SID-RID

smbm --getnextrid
    Getting the next available Samba/Windows RID in local domain.

smbm --keygen [ pathname [ "passphrase" [ "comment" ]]]
    Creating a new .ppk-format RSA-2 keypair with passphrase (maybe empty)
    and comment stored on pathname.

smbm --configure
    Configuring a new Samba service - handle with care, read manual before!